Access People has since 2006 served a broad range of industries, covering Specialists, Managers and Executives.

We are often hired to do search in new niche areas, targeting special type of skillset, and we are always ready to take on a challenging search in Asia, Europe or Americas.

Contact us for a detailed discussion about your specific needs. 

Below are our main practice areas – which often overlap - and at the end of the list, we have general info about functions we do, and a section about leadership called "China - Who shall lead the company".


Industrial - Technology - 4.0

Traditional industries, Manufacturing, industry 4.0, disruptive technology companies - “Industrial” has 100s of ways to be divided into niche areas. We help industrial / technology companies across a broad spectrum of specialist and managerial functions.

Automation & Robotics, Automotive, Aviation, Railway, Building Materials, Electronics & Semi-conductors, Furniture, Renewable Energy, Engineering, Infrastructure, Machinery & Equipment, Packaging, Pharma & Healthcare, Pumps & Valves, Semi-Conductors, Textiles, Trading – examples of areas we are always conducting search in. These areas can be further divided and we have done that for some of them in other practice areas.

Digital developments within IoT, AI, 3-D printing, big data, cloud computing, gives great opportunities for companies to innovate new products and services. Companies who wants to be part of an ongoing transformation have huge demand on their peoples’ capabilities to gear and transform the organization. 

The Functions we do, are many, and in general target 5 to 25 years experienced professionals for Specialist, Manager and Executive roles.

Consumer Electronics - Semi-conductors – Components

Consumer Electronics, Semi-conductors, and Components are being designed, produced and sold all over Asia, particular In China where Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Beijing are some of the key areas.

Our experienced Consultants can help on demanding recruitment need for Engineers, Specialists, Managers and Directors. This include these functions and candidates’ skills

  • General Management
  • Operations, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Quality, Logistics, Supplier Quality
  • Sales, Marketing, Key Account Management, Channel Management
  • R&D - Hardware Design - RF, Baseband, Power, Battery
  • Software Design
  • Display & Touch Panel
  • AEs & FAEs - Field Application Engineers.
  • Fabless - IC Design house
  • Fab Manufacturing, Engineering, Wafer, Packaging
  • Materials and Equipment manufacturers
  • R&D & Testing
  • RF & GaN Process
  • Analog Design
  • ASIC & SoC Design
  • DFT
  • Verification