As Founder & Managing Director of Access People since 2006, I am responsible for the quality of our service. Together with a great, multinational team of consultants, we have built a true service approach to search. I vouch for the team’s integrity and the delivery to clients.

Our values are - and must be - reflected in our service to clients, always committing and aiming to provide the best possible options of candidates to choose from.

(Jens Purup Krog, Managing Director & Founder of Access People)



After moving to China in 2003, I started in recruitment in early 2005 in a very aggressive, KPI & sales-driven search firm. I learned that the search industry holds many ways to deliver “service” to clients and candidates. There was - and still is - a lot of not so serious CV forwarding done in the search industry, and many clients had too many bad experiences with search firms. 

I believe that the internal set-up in a search firm is the key factor for delivering a true service to clients. With Access People, we wanted to - and have - build a SERVICE firm with freedom and flexibility for experienced search professionals to work their strengths and niches. Quality above all – and we build a positive reputation around each individual consultant and Access People as a company.

Most searches are a cooperation between two or more consultants. Each search has a Managing Consultant in charge, and this person will always be the bridge between client and candidates. It works!

We have established a unique award system where the Consultants benefit the most - both from taking ownership of searches and info sharing with colleagues.

(Jens Purup Krog, Managing Director & Founder of Access People)